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On any given week, we have several people that stop by or call our pawn shop to check and see if we have taken in particular items that were recently stolen from them.  After talking with

several victims, it becomes apparent that most do not know what to do beforehand (prevention) and most do not know what to do after becoming a victim of theft. Given their lack of direction,

someone inevitably suggests that they go around to local pawn shops to see if they can find their items.  Is that the most likely place to find stolen items?

According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, less than one half of one percent of all pawned merchandise is identified as stolen.  Pawnbrokers are heavily regulated by various local,

state, and federal laws.  Pawn shops are also required by law to report daily to law enforcement all items taken in.

Medford police department informs victims that their stolen item is most likely to be recovered from a pawnshop. This is true because the only database police have is the one provided by the

pawnshops. Craigslist post can be anonymous and flea markets do not keep records.  Craigslist and flea markets also do not have to file daily reports with the police.  According to MPD

statistics, only about 5 % of all stolen items are recovered at pawnshops.

If the item is sold outright, all second hand dealers are required to hold the item for fifteen days. If the item is pawned, the item will be held for 90 days unless it is picked up by the pledger or

ticket holder.


Some overlook the most essential action they can take, which is, to complete a Police Report!


If you ever find yourself a victim of theft, what should you do?  Some overlook the most essential action they can take, which is to complete a police report. This gets your items listed with the

Police Department which gives them the power to put a "hold" order on the items in question if they are brought to a pawnshop.  This prevents the item from being sold until due process has been

completed.  No Police report, no "hold" order, and the item can be sold.

What information should you give the Police?  The more detail the better.  Few victims have serial numbers, receipts, distinguishing marks or characteristics, or photos, but if you do, the odds of

recovering your item increases dramatically.

Once a police report has been completed, you should send the list with the case number via email to OREGONPAWN@AOL.COM  or fax 541-776-0900.

The top locations for selling stolen items are:

· eBay

· Craigslist

· Flea markets

· Traveling wholesale jewelry buyers

· Mail in smelters and diamond brokers

· Gold & silver buyers

· Out of the area


Pawn Shops are unlikely to have your stolen item. 


Reasons that very few stolen items end up in a pawn shop are that:

1. We require a valid Photo ID from every individual from whom we receive merchandise

2. We ask for a demonstration of how to operate the item(s)

3. All customers transactions are recorded on video surveillance

4. All items are reported to law enforcement daily

5. If I'm a crook, sounds like a quick way to wind up "in the slammer!"

If you are a victim of theft, you should take these steps:

· Notify local law enforcement - complete Police report

· Notify your insurance company

· Provide detailed descriptions of each item, including receipts, serial numbers and any identifying markings

· Search the above listed locations for your possible items

In reality, most of us do not consider it a priority to catalog our precious items.  After all, it takes too much time and energy.  However, after something has happened, you will likely discover that

it is very difficult to remember what you had and where you had it. 

Take the time and do it now.  Get your digital camera and take photos of everything that a thief might take from your house.  Write down or photograph the serial numbers.  Collect receipts and

keep them in a safe place or visit it

Report it is free for the citizens of Jackson County. It is a secure, online record of valuable property, accessible from anywhere with your secure login. This proactive tool is perfect for keeping

a record of the valuable items in your house. Not only as a list for law enforcement in case of burglary, but also for your insurance company. You can record make, model, serial number,

identifying marks, value, date purchased, and up to four photos of your item and receipt. The information is password protected and is accessed via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) network

connection. This is the same type of connection used when you access your bank account online. The information you enter is also protected by the same high-level security measures that are

used by financial institutions and government agencies.

If a robbery happens you can print the list from any computer with internet access and hand it to law enforcement.

Some items like plain gold bands are difficult to describe and a picture does help, however, knowing the accurate weight, finger size, thickness and any manufacturing marks will help positively

identify your property. If you would like help in determining an accurate weight, size, thickness or manufacturer of a hard to describe item please stop by our store and we will be happy to help in

any way we can. 

This information is invaluable to law enforcement, second hand dealers and your insurance company.